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For the ultimate in weather monitoring, add WeatherLink to your Vantage Pro or Pro2. The data logger fits neatly into the weather station console or Weather Envoy, storing weather data even when it’s not connected to your PC. Later, download the data and use the software to create graphs, generate summaries, and more.

See current conditions at a glance on the instant weather bulletin. Graph data on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis. Or view multiple weather variables at the same time to see their relationships.

Create Weather Watcher Reports in NOAA National Climatic Data Center Format.

Create your own weather website or post weather onditions to a LAN using our included HTML templates. Upload other files (such as images from a webcam) along with your weather data.

System Requirements

Requires Mac OS X v 10.1 or above. This product is not compatible with newer model Macs with Intel processors. Also available in a Windows USB version and a Windows serial-port version.

Includes software on CD, data logger, and 8′ (2.4 M) cable to connect the data logger to your computer. Choose a logging interval of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. Depending on the logging interval, store up to six months of data before downloading.

To track multiple stations on the same computer, add one WeatherLink for each station. To view the same weather station on multiple computers, add one Extra User License Kit for each computer.

Unlike the Windows versions, the Mac version does not log data from leaf wetness, soil moisture, or UV sensors. Also does not include Citizen Weather Observer or GLOBE Program capabilities, and may not be used with E-Mail/Phone Alert or Agricultural/Turf Management Modules.

Compatible with both original Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro2.


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